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Letter: Time to get serious about climate change

If you are a thoughtful, intelligent Republican or independent, please contact your leaders about the seriousness of addressing climate change right now.

If you, like some of our top leaders, think global warming is all a left-wing hoax, I trust you are able to ignore animals and plants going extinct, farmers facing drought and floods, cities going underwater, fires and hurricanes destroying millions of homes, and the ice caps melting, all of which are already happening. You can stay in your little cocoon, ignore the beginning of a complete breakdown of Earth’s systems, and enjoy your blissful ignorance (for a while).

Meanwhile, again, those of you who have your eyes wide open to what is happening, let Senators Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet know; let Rep. Scott Tipton know; let the Environmental Protection Agency know. They are all as close as your computer or phone.  

We are all part of the problem; let’s start working on the solutions now.

Kay Delanoy


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