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Letter: Time to move on from Tipton

We have had more than enough of sweet-smiling Scott Tipton in our Congress. I think he has finally said climate change is happening, but he seems to think we should study it more. His record on the environment overall is abysmal. Prominent women’s rights organizations give him a zero. The Alliance for Retired Americans gives him only an 11% rating.

So, the alternative? Diane Mitsch Bush, a former member of the Colorado House of Representatives. She has had, believe it or not, support from Republicans, too. She worked across the aisle to extend the post-recession Front Range recovery and prosperity to rural areas, and fought for family agriculture, multi-faceted transportation, sustainable water infrastructure, renewable energy, public health, women’s rights, equality of opportunity, and the natural resources that sustain us all. She would be so good in Washington.

Please attend the caucus in your area on March 7 to select a delegate who supports your choice for the U.S. Senate and House, plus candidates for state offices. And please, for the sake of the state and country, support Diane Mitsch Bush!

Kay Delanoy


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