Letter: Tired of the carnage? You can do something about it

The horror that has occurred in Uvalde, Texas, is shocking but sadly not surprising. With every mass shooting, the Republicans drown out calls for sensible gun safety legislation with their refrain of, “Now is not the time for politics.” Enough! If not now, when? We must admit that the lack of political response to guns in our society has fostered much too easy access to weapons of war in the name of the Second Amendment. Now is exactly the time to be political.

The stances of current Republican senators on this issue can be reviewed here: Where Senate Republicans Stand on Gun Legislation.

If you are sick in your heart about this carnage, make a vow to only support those candidates who are truly pro-life and will vigorously pursue legislative gun safety measures, like our Rep. Joe Neguse. We don’t have to take this anymore — vote!

if you believe that we need to send a strong message to our elected leaders demanding sensible gun safety legislation, please join the March for Our Lives rally on June 11 at 11 a.m. at the Edwards Roundabout. March for Our Lives is the organization founded by survivors of the 2018 mass shooting in Parkland, Florida. Wear orange in support and bring signs!

Nancy Tashman

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