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Letter: To all those hearts that hurt and all who grieve a loss: Help is out there

We are truly lucky to have such an amazing program/resource offered in this valley! The Grief Recovery Outreach Program led by Celynn McClarrinon provides a supportive community full of connection that takes the participants down a windy, reflective, emotional path of processing grief. The journey results in transformation, as participants transition into the light on the other side of the tunnel by the end of the eight-week program.

Through my own recent experience completing the program just prior to Thanksgiving, I realized that we can only go through challenges in life, not around them. But having support and love as we embark into that darkness feels so much better than trying to navigate through the darkness on our own.

Stubbornly, I admit this after trying to “grieve” in my own way for about eight months. But then I couldn’t stuff feelings down, numb out or ignore the grief anymore, so I slowed down (something I don’t do very well) and started to process emotions and then started the Grief Recovery Method. Now standing on the other side, the light is shining brighter, and I am very glad I did.

The weekly strategic assignments in this program support a natural progression of moving through grief and clearing the underlying feelings. My No. 1 grief was obvious, but this program led me to uncover deeper, unassuming forms of grief in my life, as well. The intimate group setting combined with individual reflection that is woven into the program created more clearing and space surrounding my grief.

Even though I started the program eager to tackle my grief once and for all, I faced resistance completing some of the assignments because each one truly created introspection, answers and feelings I didn’t really want to experience but needed to endure. But sure enough, each week I returned to the group feeling lighter, more understanding, more community and love for my friends who were also suffering.

I noticed that the others in my group were people who I could understand and who understood me. Truth is, when you are grieving, everyone wants to help but no one really can. Being with others who are suffering with you at that very moment is powerful. Even those who have grieved before can’t quite share in this feeling.

I believe that being with those who are growing through what they are going through in that same moment that you are is so important. Celynn is naturally an empathetic leader who fosters connection between those in their grief community, and I believe that participating in one of the Grief Recovery programs she facilitates is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself for healing and peace. Wishing love, light, peace and healing for all of you.

Tara Picklo


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