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A great Christmas story

Christmas is about love and giving as we remember the ultimate gift of Gods love: His son given to the world. The story about the “Family with a mission” was a great Christmas story — the Sisneros choice to follow Jesus’s example to sell their worldly goods to serve, help, train and give to the poor is love without words; perhaps the best kind. May those of us who stay in the comfort of this great country, America, and we who live in its paradise, the Vail Valley, give sacrificially and not just pocket change, to help those who have the courage to go to do their work.

May we also commit time — to pray for those workers and the poor. I’ve heard it said that though we don’t go down into the well, we should have scars from holding the ropes for those who do. I personally hope that my wife and I model for our four children to hold worldly items loosely and with gratitude — and that some day we will have the courage to go long term. I believe many would agree that the Sisneros are choosing to invest their gift of life wisely.

Josh and Heather Thompson

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