Alpine slide? And other letters for Wednesday, May 15 |

Alpine slide? And other letters for Wednesday, May 15

A slide at Beaver Creek?

Vail Resorts, how can you absolutely disrespect those homeowners that have kept your business going for years all for the sake of money? I am talking about the building of the alpine slide. Several years ago, you promised that the alpine slide would not be built in Haymeadow. What happened to that promise?

If you want to save money, why not discontinue every Thursday fireworks and use them only on holiday weeks? Besides, most of the time no one is really sure where or when they will go off — Offerson Road or on the mountain. Thus, very few are really appreciating them.

I urge you to rethink your placement of the slide and allow those homeowners to continue to live peacefully and quietly in their homes and their own backyards.

I also urge you to not go back on your promise (isn’t that like lying?) and allow the homeowners to trust you again.

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Toby Mower

Bees in trouble

The warmer weather means that the honey bees are beginning to swarm. The queen and her workers are looking for a new place to call home. When bees swarm, you will usually see them in a ball, either in a tree or on a fence post, possibly under an eve of your house. Don’t worry, they will usually move on to a tree within a few days or even hours. They love the cottonwoods that grow in our area.

Honey bees are beginning to die off. The use of pesticides is one of the biggest culprits. If the bees die off, then we will be in dire straits in this world. We need them, they are a major pollinator of our food source.

Please, please, if you see a swarm, let them be. There are many people you can contact to remove them without harm.

Ingrid Eckert


Yeah, stop preaching in class

I agree with Mr. Carnes’ column about not using taxpayer money to support religious beliefs. Our schools should quit preaching to their students about the virtues of paganism. So many of our schools have used valuable teaching time expressing their beliefs that global warming is occurring. It, too, is a science without proven facts. Maybe if they would take off their green shirts and quit giving our president their one-arm salutes, our kids would learn how to read, write and be better at math.

Sherman Brown


Tasteful memorials

There are any number of ways to memorialize a deceased friend or relative. Most of us do so by placing a marker, large or small, at the head of the place that person is buried. Sometimes it is nice to honor someone by placing a small marker on a park bench or a favorite hiking or ski rail. It’s a nice thing to do, really imposing on no one.

It is inappropriate to erect a permanent 6-foot marker above the north Edwards roundabout on public land. Whoever placed the marker there should remove it.

Ben Broder


Made a difference

Sadly, on Sunday, May 5, the inspiration and cofounder of the Forest Conservancy, Joanne Lyon, passed away. Joanne’s inexhaustible energy and optimism will be sorely missed. Her passion for protecting our forest was contagious, and as a result the volunteer corps grew by leaps and bounds. The Forest Conservancy and our community have lost a dear friend. However, when each of the volunteer rangers dons his or her uniform, Joanne’s spirit will live on in each of us. On behalf of all of us at the Forest Conservancy, we send our heartfelt condolences to the Lyon family.

Marcia Johnson

Executive Director, Forest Conservancy

Just ride everywhere

May is National Bike Month, a perfect time for our community to recognize and celebrate all the benefits of bicycling.

Bicycling keeps us healthy, carries us efficiently from point A to point B, saves us from high gas prices and makes our air cleaner and our roads less congested. Bicycling is good for our community and helps address many of our most pressing societal and environmental problems. Bicycling is fun!

Even though this week is National Bike to Work Week, I encourage you to think of it as Bike to Anywhere Week. If more people in our community bike, even just once a week or once a month, then we’ll all be better off.

You don’t have to be an “ultra athlete” to enjoy biking in our beautiful community. This month, dust off your bike and give two wheels a try!

Cheryl Bottomley

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