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Arrogant display

We were visiting the valley a couple of weeks ago and after going to Costco decided to take a ride up Valley Road, which we’ve always thought was so beautiful. Approaching Valley Road from Cooley Mesa, we were astonished to see the changes that had taken place to the prominently located little Craftsman-style house on the corner. Trees cut down, old fence removed, etc., etc. But what was incredibly distressing was a Confederate flag hanging and the one that had been painted on the front of the new gate. Now I am a firm believer in freedom of speech. But in my opinion, flaunting the symbol of slavery and one of the darkest, most reprehensible periods in American history in the faces of neighbors and visitors (many of whom I hope are equally distressed) is the height of arrogance.

I certainly hope the owners of the home will rethink how their actions are perceived and how they affect others and will remove the Confederate flags.

Barbara Worthington


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