Better than ‘mud season’ |

Better than ‘mud season’

We have visited the Vail Valley countless times in the summer and winter. A few years ago, we purchased a home in the valley and recently moved here full time. Prior to being a local we had never visited in “the mud season” mainly because everyone calls it the mud season. So I read the April 30 edition with the discussion of the mud season with great intrigue. The writer said the mud season described it well and that was the journalism way to describe it as it is.

With all due respect, I might suggest “mud” describes only one dimension. A negative one. Calling this time of year the “mud season” is like calling ski season the “freeze your butt off season” or summer the “beware of bears season.”

Choosing to positive, I would say this is the dining season. I’ve had some of the best meals in restaurants not crowded and at amazing prices. And everyone is soooooo friendly. So perhaps the “friendly dining season” is the most descriptive of this season.

So if you want to go play in the mud you should, I will watch with a glass of wine and great food and friends from inside the restaurant.

Barry L. Biffle

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