Chris Anthony: I considered Pepi a mentor |

Chris Anthony: I considered Pepi a mentor

I can’t even begin to tell you how hard this hits me. 

One of the symbols of Original Vail and United States Skiing’s connection with Austria has passed.  I considered Pepi a mentor as well as everything good in sport. 

Pepi Gramshammer and Sheika Gramshammer did what skiers dream of.  Followed the snow to a place in the mountains and build a family and lifestyle around it from love, passion and soul.  From this arose a community. 

Pepi was one of the top Austrian Skiers during his peak which meant he was one of the best in the world.  He is an icon to the sport to the Vail Valley and so much more.  Walking by the hotel and deck of the restaurant and seeing him there or in the streets took away the resort feel and brought in a feeling of town and community.

I could go on and on what this loss of life means but how much the symbol of Pepi should live on. Pepi you will be forever missed.

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Chris Anthony


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