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Letter: More to Eagle River Village issues than reported

I read the three-part article that ran in your paper regarding the water issues at the trailer park in Edwards. When I saw that one of the principals in the article was Marko Vukovich my interest increased as I have known Mr. Vukovich for over a decade and worked with him on several projects in Beaver Creek over the years. I was shocked in regards to some of the issues that were printed and I immediately reached out to him.        

The Marko Vukovich that I know and worked with over the years is not someone who would try and avoid a problem nor would he ignore one.  In fact, I found his business integrity to be one of trust and communication. That being said I cannot imagine him using intimidation or threats to keep a problem from being resolved; that is not the Marko Vukovich that I have come to know.  I am confident that any problems brought directly to Mr. Vukovich’s attention would be addressed in an honest and forthright manner and corrected if needed.

There is always more than one side to any issue. As Marko explained to me, it is far more complex than what was printed in your three-part series. 

I think it would be it would be in the best interest of the Vail Daily, the community, and the residents of Eagle River to better understand the entire situation.  I hope that opportunity presents itself at some point.        

Randy Smith

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