Don’t destroy Beaver Creek |

Don’t destroy Beaver Creek

We have been owners at Village Hall since 1992. We cherish being with the lovely trees, the sparkling snow, the majestic mountain, and of course the wonderful summers with wildflowers and gorgeous quiet hikes. This special place has so much to offer as a sanctuary for individuals and families.

As a licensed psychologist, I am well aware of our need for nature and green space as an essential component of our mental health and well being. In a world of noise pollution and constant bombardment of unwanted stimuli, Beaver Creek is so valuable that people come from all over the world to play in the trees and enjoy the perfection of mother nature and restore their spirits and energy.

Beaver Creek is not an amusement park. Beaver Creek is a natural treasure that must be cherished and preserved for future generations. Please preserve our Beaver Creek treasure and refrain from adding noise pollution that would harm the well being of the people and animals that so love this very special place.

Charles Nadler and Candice Nadler

Beaver Creek

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