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Letter: An educational experience at Avon Elementary

I’m writing on behalf of an educational experience I had while volunteering at Avon Elementary School. When I arrived at the elementary school I was greeted by their amazing staff, Principal Dana Harrison and a past teacher of mine, Ms. Johnna Walker-Williams. From the normal adult point of view, many just drop their kids off at the door and go to work, but these teachers dedicate their heart and soul into giving these kids the best education and care possible.

The Avon Elementary School staff are constantly moving from one side of the school to another so when I arrived. I was able to organize a full storage room inside of the school for their upcoming school store, the storage was full of toys that were either bought by the school itself or donated by other organizations helping out the school. 

I learned just how much these schools are in need of our communities’ help, I went to help when I had some free time of my own and realized I had saved the staff a lot of time organizing this room. Instead of them having to step away from their normal schedule to move these heavy boxes or stay after school, I was able to do it myself within a few hours. Our schools are in need of our community coming together and supporting them in any way, shape or form. This made me realize the value of the time of the staff and teachers that are helping to form the kids of today. So whether you know someone who needs to do hours, have free time on your hands or just out of the good of your heart, volunteer at a school. As they say, the youth is the future.

Nicole Soto Hernandez 


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