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Letter: End the suffering of shutdown

To U.S. Senator Cory Gardner: This shutdown is directly hurting people all over Colorado! I know you care. Our beautiful national parks suffer from neglect with overflowing latrines and trash cans while park rangers go unpaid and the communities around them miss the tourist trade and the income it brings. Our Native Americans on the Reservation aren’t getting commodities and the Bureau of Indian Affairs is completely shut down which hurts everybody. Those workers aren’t getting paid either. Farmers need loans. My neighbor’s brother is a quadriplegic young adult living in Grand Junction. His aid funding is cut! How can he get what he needs to survive??? The working poor — whether in the city or country — can’t get WIC food (including baby formula) anymore and next month food stamps will be cut. And on … and on … and on. All this suffering so that the ego of our mentally-disturbed commander-in-chief can save face? Washington DC is pitiful!!! Please encourage your Republican colleagues to follow your lead, Senator Gardner, and put an end to this unnecessary, grandstanding shutdown that is hurting millions in so many ways. Thank you for caring.

Liz Gauthier

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