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Letter: In response to: ‘Lewis – Minority rule’

Mr. Lewis, you’ve highlighted some well-known issues in the American political system, such as the influence of the electoral college, the structure of the Senate, and gerrymandering. These are indeed important topics to discuss and understand.

However, it’s important to consider the broader context of American politics when analyzing these issues. The Founding Fathers designed the system to balance power between states, so that smaller states wouldn’t be overshadowed by the larger. While this may lead to some level of minoritarianism, it’s also a reflection of the federal nature of the United States. And it should be important to you as a Coloradan, as we are 21st in terms of population.

Additionally, while it’s true that the electoral college may not always reflect the popular vote, it’s essential to remember the United States is a republic and not a democracy (as you mentioned). The electoral college was designed to provide a level of stability and prevent mob rule, although this system has its own set of problems and merits further discussion.

Regarding gerrymandering, it’s important to recognize both major parties are guilty of manipulating district lines to their advantage. This issue is not exclusive to one party, and addressing it requires bipartisan commitment to reform.

In summary, while your article raises valid points about the American political system, it’s necessary to consider the broader historical and political context to better understand the complexities involved.

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Mr. Lewis, while you’ve adeptly identified several issues within the American political system, it would be helpful to also consider potential solutions. Addressing these concerns with a problem-solving mindset would make your critique more meaningful and constructive regarding ways to improve our political landscape. Suggesting alternatives or advocating reform would encourage readers to think more deeply about the issues at hand and the possible paths forward.

Flynt Rudolph

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