Town of Vail should change name of Covered Bridge to ‘Pepi’s Bridge’

As you cross the Covered Bridge for the first or 1000th time the wonderful world of Vail unfolds before your eyes. Whether it is the lights of winter or the flowers of summer it truly is magical.

The first time I went to Pepi’s was in 1983, which was my first time in Vail. I remember going into Pepi’s and was drawn to the trophy case and all of the pictures of celebrities that had visited. For the last 36 years, Pepi has been an iconic figure for me and for so many others a part of their Vail experience. I have enjoyed the warm welcome that Pepi always gave to myself and those I was with. The racing legend, the Vail legend, and inspiring person that Pepi was will always live in my heart and mind.

When I crossed the Covered Bridge on my way home last night I thought of Pepi. It would be a wonderful tribute if the town of Vail renamed the Covered Bridge, “Pepi’s Bridge.” That would be a reminder for generations to come that Pepi is, was and forever will be one of Vail’s most beloved and iconic individuals. 

RIP Pepi. 

Brian Stein

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