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Letter: No more dog breeder ads

As a concerned citizen and animal lover, I am writing to urge the Vail Daily to stop advertising dog breeders immediately. According to Best Friends Animal Society, 4.6 million dogs and cats entered U.S. shelters last year, and 355,000 adoptable pets were euthanized due to a lack of homes. Every dog bred takes away a chance of a shelter dog finding a loving home and contributes to overpopulation and homelessness. While I understand that these ads may generate revenue for the paper, the harm caused to dogs and people is far too great to ignore.

Welcoming a dog into your home is a wonderful experience that enriches the lives of animals, individuals and families, but animals are not property to be bred and sold in the classifieds section alongside used boats and firewood. Dog breeders commodify animals, putting profit over animal welfare. Dogs from large industrial operations, known as puppy mills, are overbred and raised in inhumane conditions resulting in lifelong health and behavioral issues. Small breeders are no better, and so-called “purebred” dogs often suffer from genetic defects from inbreeding. Breeders knowingly sell these puppies to unsuspecting buyers who must contend with these health and behavioral problems, often leading to costly vet bills or abandonment. By allowing these ads to run, the paper is effectively condoning the practices of breeders and contributing to the suffering of countless animals.

I urge the Vail Daily and its readers to take a stand against this cruelty by no longer accepting or engaging with ads from breeders. Instead, I suggest promoting local animal shelters and rescue organizations, which offer loving pets in need of a home. By doing so, the paper and our community can become a positive force for animal welfare.

Myles Mitz

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