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Letter: President’s faith is a personal issue

I am very bothered by Cal Thomas’ recent column calling to question the Catholic faith of President Joe Biden. The president’s faith is a personal issue just like that of anyone else. What right does Thomas have to question it? I am not Catholic and do not want that or any religion pushed on me by anyone especially an elected official. I believe that is what separation of church and state means.

I believe the issue of abortion is a personal decision between a woman, her God and her physician. It is not a decision for the government to be involved in. Just because Biden is in favor of a “Women’s Right to Choose” doesn’t exclude him from having his own religious beliefs. I applaud him!

As a practicing obstetrician for 36 years, I can assure you the decision to have an abortion is never easy nor taken lightly. I also feel that the government nor someone else’s religion has no business in the discussion.

Stephen M Gordon, D.O.


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