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Letter: RiverPark not suited for Edwards

Please consider the long-term damage a project like the Edwards RiverPark will do to the Edwards area. While we grow, we need to maintain the small town feel that people across the county are moving to the valley to experience.

This project is better suited to a large city and reminds me of something you would see in the Denver Tech center. The revenues it could produce do not outweigh the damage to our community. A compromise on the style and size should be re-examined.

You are on the brink of destroying the very thing the rest of the country moves to Eagle county to experience. We can do better!

The developers should be sent back to the drawing board to reconsider and reimagine a project that better fits into the community of which they are proposing to be a part. Once this moves forward, there will not be a chance to redesign the Edwards RiverPark. We all know this project is not the right size for our community and does not fit our mountain lifestyle.

Please don’t be dazzled by the revenues that could be produced. We should work with the developers to produce a project that fits into our community and will produce positive outcomes for all. If this is done right, we can all win.

Linda Davis


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