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Letter: Sweet Pepi

Everyone knows Pepi Gramshammer as a legend, a founder, entrepreneur, and an iconic ski racer. Pepi was all of that! I knew Pepi as something more. I knew him as a loving father, dedicated grandfather, and a forever lover of his wife, Sheika.

Working at Pepi Sports for the past 14 years, I knew Pepi’s daily strolls through the shop, always interested in our sales, genuinely involved in our staff and store. He loved everyone who worked at Pepi Sports and the customers who shopped there. Greeting people on the patio, walking through town, and skiing on the mountain was his favorite!

His twinkly blue eyes, wide smile, beautiful white hair and positive ways were loved by his huge spectrum of friends. From Presidents, children, dogs, and everyday Vail visitors, he never discriminated and always treated people with kindness. He was a pure gentleman!

Some of my favorite Pepi expressions, were, “Sounds good to me”, “Not so bad after all” and “I was a little cheesemaker”! Pepi will be forever in my heart and forever in Vail’s heart! May the symbol of Pepi live on to all that knew and loved him!!!!!!

-Holly Mabes

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