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Letter: Waste of money


Waste of money

Thanks to Dan Godec for the nice column about the Westermann conservation easement near Tennessee Pass.

Thanks for reminding us where tens of millions of open space dollars have gone over the years.

The vast majority of the land was unbuildable before the purchase and under no threat of development before the purchase. Same goes for now.

Don’t you feel better knowing you paid an exorbitant price to keep unbuildable land with no access safe from the trampling hordes of hikers and fishermen? Especially when you can go immediately north, southeast or west and find millions of acres of public lands — the kind with access.

The sands of time had obscured this purchase, like so many others.

I admire the cojones of Mr. Godec in reminding us of the “good” we silly taxpayers have done.

Meanwhile, our schools can’t afford to bus the kids to school.

Chris Mech


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