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Letter: What is your opinion on hunting?

There has been a debate over hunting for decades. There are many pros and cons of hunting. Hunting is a complex topic to discuss because there is value to be found on both sides of the argument.

Why is hunting bad? Shooting an animal other than in the lung or the heart can lead to an animal suffering. In 200 years, 13 animal species have been hunted to extinction. Some hunters have resorted to baiting in ducks. Deer can eat more than 700 different plant species which people plant. These are just a few bad things about hunting.

How does hunting help the environment? Hunting helps to slow overpopulation.

Usually, no part of the animal body goes to waste. Hunting is a way to get better quality meat. It adds variety to a person’s diet. Many animals that are considered livestock are not necessarily healthy protein. It can promote healthy eating habits when consuming wild game. All hunters should have to take hunting safety courses as well as have a good understanding of where you’re hunting.

What are other arguments when it comes to hunting? Poaching kills rare animals like rhinos. Some poachers use drones to find the animals they are hunting; this is unfair and illegal and hurts the population. Hunting promotes better skills, knowledge and awareness.

At that end of the day, my opinion is mixed on hunting. What is your opinion on hunting? Hunting can lead to animals suffering, but done in the right way could lead to no suffering. If you believe in hunting, you can donate to Colorado Parks & Wildlife to promote hunter safety courses. If you do not support hunting, you can take action as well.

Reece Joseph

Vail Mountain School

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