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Letters to the editor


On Friday, Nov. 1, the date of the deadline for the FCC disclosures, I received a call around 4:30 p.m. from Matt Zalaznick regarding my campaign expenditures for the Avon Town Council political race. I visited with Matt about this and called him back on Saturday, Nov. 2, around 10 a.m. to try to clarify this issue with more detail.I left him a message explaining why my campaign was at least twice as expensive than the other candidates. I am the only candidate that is trying to reach the whole Avon community.It’s been tough for my committee and myself, because we tried to do everything in English and in Spanish. It seems no other candidate is trying to reach the whole community as I am doing. We are the only campaign to do yard signs in Spanish and English, brochures in Spanish and in English, campaign buttons in Spanish and English, newspaper advertisements in Spanish and English, etc. Obviously that costs more money than we had intended to spend. However, we were glad to spend the extra money to reach the whole community in Avon.Rene MartinezAvon Town CouncilcandidateThanks to WECMRD soccer coachesThe Western Eagle County Metropolitan Recreation District would like to thank Stacy Coulter, Susan Spiegel, Cindy Ramunno, Beth Mathews, Jeff Dallman, Louise Ingalls, Jeff and Catherine Dalbow, Jim Dawkins, Jeremy Davis, Cappie Green, Steve Shanley, Tom Braun, Omar Elbitar, Dave Metzler, Amy Cassidy, Nancy Jo Fricker, Dan Siefers, Amos Hatfield, George and Andrea Hudspeth, Suzie Hervert, Carrie Tedstrom, Stephanie Samuelson, Brenda Wright, Brad Ghent, Bill McGuckin, Sean Kerrigan, David Brennan, Hector Soto, Rob Crawford, Ken Graham, and all of their assistant coaches for making this years program a huge success. This year there were 311 boys and girls on 26 teams.WECMRD would also like to thank Patrick Garth, Derek Byron, Jessica Medsker, Michael Medsker, and Jeff Dallman for their time as referees.The Youth of our communities who participated in the 2002 Fall Soccer Program all benefited from your time, knowledge, enthusiasm, and patience. Thank you all for an outstanding year.Scott RuffWECMRDPlayed hearts outIn writing this note to you, perhaps, the thought will come across that I’m a disgruntled grandparent! However, only part of the above is true. I am a grandparent. We have grandchildren at three of our valley schools.My husband and I have followed the Battle Mountain football team this year with much interest. Whether at home or away, they just kept plugging forward.My point to you – where is your interest in this group of young people who still go to practice every day in rain, sun or freezing snow, just like their downvalley counterparts?The only difference is that Battle Mountain does not win. Is that your only interest in reporting?Do you understand what a child, whatever the age, feels when he reads about his school, his sports team, his friends who have all worked very hard but again doesn’t win?These are good kids, good students and quite a few college-bound seniors involved.Friday night, Nov. 1, they had their last game. At the very last minute, the location changed from a home game, which was to have been “Senior Night,” where the parents of senior players were to be honored, to an away game in Steamboat Springs. Their announcer commended BMHS players for playing their hearts out, Rob Reed for his outstanding running game, Peter Van Dyke for his receiving, Tyler Eaton and many others for their defensive play.This man was a Steamboat supporter but his acknowledgement for the Battle Mountain High School team was warmly received.I believe the BMHS team ended up the season with about 22 kids playing. They began with about 45. Wouldn’t it have been nice for their own town to have given them a pat on the back if for nothing else their persistence and desire not to be called quitters?Sandy BishopOne last taskWith the election behind us and our lives moving forward, it is time for the candidates to finish one last job. I support the process. I encourage the candidates to get out the vote. I am so proud of our community for participating in this wonderful right we have.We heard so much this election about the environment: protect the environment, clean the environment, etc. I am not an activist, I am a taxpaying citizen living in the valley for over six years.I think it is time for the candidates to finish one last project. I would like to ask all of the candidates to get out and clean up all of the yard signs that are covering our beautiful community. The election is over. Let’s clean up what is left behind.I encourage all of the candidates and their respective parties to work together and clean up our community. Thank you for your participation and help.Michael UnellValue of HospiceHospice is not a place. It is a concept of care. Mountain Hospice is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping terminally ill patients and their families deal with the physical, emotional, and spiritual issues of death and dying in their own homes.Hospice goals are to help patients live out their days as fully and as comfortably as possible and to support the family as an integral part of hospice care.A team of professionals goes to the patient’s home to provide the necessary care.Care from any or all of the following are available: registered nurses, nurse’s aides, social workers, volunteers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, nutritionists, and nondenominational chaplains.Mountain Hospice offers services to all Eagle County residents and guests, as well as grief education to the community and bereavement counseling to anyone who has experienced a loss.Each year Hospice holds the “Tree of Lights” celebration. Donations are usually given in remembrance of a loved one, celebration of a birth or in honoring someone special. Mountain Harmony sings and hot cider is served. This year the 12th celebration will be held in the Edwards Village Center on Dec. 9 at 6:30. This is the only fund-raiser for Mountain Hospice, and it is a very special evening.November is National Hospice Month. For more information, visit your county libraries this month. Or call Mountain Hospice at 569-7455.Susan JohnsonPresidentMountain Hospice Advisory BoardExtend bus routeI strongly support Brian Haley’s suggestion that bus service should be extended to the Eagle-Vail area.I would suggest a minibus loop through Eagle-Vail that would connect with selected eastbound and westbound Highway 6 buses at the Shop & Hop. As proposed, there could be parking at the swimming pool.This scheme would not disrupt the Highway 6 schedules, and the number and timing of the minibus loops could be determined by usage.Vince ConwayEagle-Vail

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