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Letters to the Editor

Pot or kettle?After reading your commentary, I spent many an hour trying to decide if you were the pot or the kettle. You bemoan the narrow-mindedness of the president and those who believe in the sanctity of life, yet you display those same traits to a T. The funny thing is I agree with your premise. I also believe that stem-cell research should be funded and allowed to proceed, but I don’t belittle those who believe otherwise or feel that they are filled with “extraordinary self-delusion.” While not an overly religious person, I don’t call those among us who have a different faith as believing in “gobbledygook” or “magic,” as you so sanctimoniously do. Nor do I want to, “rip out anyone entrails” simply because they believe something different than I do. If someone believes that life begins at conception, they have every right to voice that opinion, whether they are in politics or not. I also would like to see your scientific proof that there is no soul or prove exactly when the soul inhabits a person’s being. You also bemoan the government for enacting laws based on faith or a “perceived moral foundation,” yet ALL of our founding documents are rooted in these very principles. It was this very foundation of “hurtful and damaging delusions of religion” that allows you to write such intolerant commentary in our society. One receives an overwhelming liberal bias in your commentary, yet I would challenge you to look up the word, which I believe will be defined as tolerant, which you most definitely are not. The intolerance you hold in your views is no different than others in the world who feel that their view is the only view and anyone who believes otherwise should, “have their entrails ripped out” or maybe blown up in the World Trade Center. This is exactly the kind of narrow-mindedness our terrorist and Taliban enemies exhort.Curtis FrenchAvonPut child care on ballotAs the county commissioners assess whether or not to put forth a ballot initiative to fund early childhood initiatives, I would like to thank them for their support so far and commend them for being progressive thinkers. We know that early childhood issues are in the spot light throughout the country and Colorado with more and more research documenting the value of efforts spent in the early childhood years. But many other programs are creating Band-Aid-type approaches to address just some of the issues. Summit County recently passed a tax increase to address child-care issues but failed to address child health, social and emotional development or family support issues. The city of Denver is looking at another ballot initiative, which will again only address preschool rather than all the early childhood years or all the issues facing early childhood. Committed people in Eagle County have spent a year creating a strategic plan that highlights all the challenges families face in the early years of their child’s development and child care is just one piece of the puzzle. Equally important are health care, social and emotional development and family support. I encourage the county commissioners to put forth on the November ballot a comprehensive plan that will allow us to address all of these early childhood issues. We have an opportunity to do good things for children and families in Eagle County, so let’s do it. Please voice your support for children and families, and encourage the commissioners in their efforts to help children and families.Jeanne McQueeney

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