Marijuana and public safety |

Marijuana and public safety

What is more important than public safety and the brains of our youth? Every tax dime brought in by the sale of recreational marijuana should be spent on public safety and education!

I spent 10 to 12 Tuesdays at the commissioners’ meetings after Oct. 2, 2012. During the three to five minutes allowed, I begged Commissions Ryan and Chandler Henry to not sell recreational marijuana on Highway 6, especially in Edwards where there are 11 schools and 4 million vehicles on the narrow roadway. The response is, “The young are going to use anyway!” Blatant irresponsibility is what we get from these two. It is like saying, “Crimes are going to be committed anyway; why try for prevention?”

View on your computer and you will hear Commissioner Chandler-Henry say she counted the precinct vote in Edwards and decided that since the voters voted for recreational marijuana, they wanted it in their vicinity. Baloney — on the Amendment 64 ballot, there were over 15 choices. It was a fraudulent ballot. People voted for different reasons. Some voted to get rid of the black market. Some voted for school money which Eagle County will never see because the money will go to poorer counties. Some, like Pat Hammon, voted in order to see regulation put in place.

We are stuck with Commissioner Ryan for a while; however, if you care about public safety or your children, do not vote for Chandler Henry as commissioner!

Barbara Allen

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