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Moffet for Vail council

Kim Newbury’s top ten reasons to vote for Greg Moffet for Vail Town Council:

10. He has more governing experience than any other candidate — 10 years on Vail Town Council. His knowledge is unsurpassed.

9. If that isn’t enough experience for you, he also served for years on Vail’s Planning & Environmental Commission and on Eagle County Planning Commission (he is currently the co-chair). He knows land use and zoning laws like the back of his hand.

8. He is wickedly intelligent. His mind is a steel trap — if you need background on an issue, he is the go-to guy.

7. He actually listens to both sides of the story. Greg is very willing to engage in a conversation about a heated issue, and will honestly consider differing viewpoints.

6. He invests his time. He does not miss council meetings, or committee meetings, or town-sponsored social events.

5. He is a business owner and understands the business community. He cares what they think. His business takes him into local retailers and restaurants regularly, and he gets tons of feedback about what the town does that is working and what isn’t. And he uses that knowledge when making decisions for the town.

4. He can turn a budget upside down and inside out to ensure that the town is doing what it should and is getting the best bang for its buck. Governmental budgets are difficult (at best), and Greg understands them.

3. Issues that affect Vail families are a priority for Greg. He and his fabulous wife, Chris, raised two phenomenal young ladies here. He gets it.

2. Greg Moffet has a ridiculously sharp sense of humor. While he takes the job absolutely seriously, he also knows when to lighten the mood. He is witty and clever.

1. Did I mention that he turns obstacles into motivators? I have two words for you — broken neck. This guy broke his neck just prior to the last council election, and did not let an almost-life-changing injury stop him from running for election and serving as our council member. He never considered letting his circumstance stop him. He was unwavering. That event is 100 percent indicative of how Greg lives his life, and how he serves us — with grit and determination and humor and integrity.

Kim Newbury


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