Republican worldview

Republican worldview

My initial impression upon reading Butch Mazzuca’s “My View” commentary, “How about Hillary for president?” was the realization that Republicans are terrified of running a candidate against Hillary Clinton.

Mazzuca’s theme is that besides being the most traveled secretary of state in history, there wasn’t much evidence that Mrs. Clinton had accomplished much in her four years in that role.

He then questions what qualifies her as a serious candidate. He didn’t lay out his own criteria, but I would offer an opinion that having your butt planted in a U.S. Senate seat for several decades, having headed this or that committee and having been bought and sold by special interest groups during your “service” to your country is an automatic disqualifier.

Mazzuca brings up Benghazi, which continues to serve as a strategic and communication disaster for the Obama administration.

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Every American should expect a Muslim jihadist attack on American assets and interests on every 9/11 date. But, Benghazi? And what was Ambassador Stevens doing in the diplomatic mission next to the consulate? Checking on the progress of modernizing a nearby hospital.

Just as an aside, those of you who are interested in the Benghazi details should do a Google search and read the Wikipedia website on that topic.

The contents on that website will help you put aside all the political hoopla and provide an understanding of how vulnerable the United States is in violent and complicated parts of the world.

Mazzuca submits a “cursory examination of what occurred on her watch (which) provides an insight into her geopolitical credentials: …” What follows are examples of chronic, high importance challenges to the United States, none of which are readily amenable to military action without great risk and sacrifice.

I believe that Mazzuca meant these as examples of Clinton’s lack of presidential qualifications, as she has not moved the needle in resolving these world challenges.

I look at these as exposures that set her aside and above almost anyone the Republicans might select as their nominee.

A few items on Mazzuca’s list also set me at unease as to the world view of Republicans. In one example, he notes that the Ukraine (been there) is drifting away from the West.

In another, he states that a number of South American and Central American countries are inching toward socialism.

And in another assessment, he proffers that Pakistan continues to be no closer to eliminating the Taliban.

These ideas reek of Republican arrogance and a world view of U.S. manifest destiny — that our religious and military superiority compels us to bend other countries and parts of the world (including existing democracies) to our view of government structure and religious order.

And we call that “freedom.”

Mazzuca concludes that Clinton will ultimately resort to the “women’s issue card to the maximum in her quest for the presidency because … she has nothing else to draw upon.”

Unfortunately for the Republicans, the majority of our population and voters are women.

Aside from that point, with the rise of Hispanic, African American and Asian voters, the Republicans can only rely upon their base of old white men.

Jim Cameron

Appreciate the help

On Dec. 7, 2012, we had a car fire in the shop at Leadfoot Linda’s.

Thanks to the clear thinking of the employees and prompt response of the Eagle River Fire Protection District, the fire was contained and no one was injured. The damage from smoke and fire was extensive and took from then until now to complete repairs. All that remains is some exterior painting.

We would just like to say thank you to all who helped us through this challenging time.

Special thanks go out to fire district and Farmers Insurance. Without them we would not be able to be in business today.

George Brodin

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