Sheriff to discuss beer bust Friday

The graduating class of 2013 just graduated from Battle Mountain High School. Congratulations!

They began their quest four years ago and worked hard, participated in sports, student council, charity organizations, school organizations, plays, etc.

After commencement, Project Graduation,etc, some of the graduates,100 plus, went camping up into the Wolcott woods to celebrate their accomplishments, let a little steam off, and have a few beers — they were there for the night.

Was there drinking? Yes. Are they minors? Yes.

At about midnight, several Eagle County sheriff’s deputies arrive.

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The majority of the students ran into the woods in fear of receiving a minor in possession citation, and a lot of them spent the night out.

It became a dangerous situation.

Some students came back to the site, as they were told that if they did come back they wouldn’t receive a MIP. They were written up right when they emerged from the woods.

A lot of MIPs were written that night, and there are tons of students and parents who are disappointed in the way the officers conducted the raid, bust or whatever you want to call it.

There is quite a bit of mistrust in the Sheriff’s Office, to say the least, from this incident.

I have had numerous talks with Sheriff Joe Hoy about the incident, and he has agreed to meet with the parents and students about that night in particular and the position of the Sheriff’s Office in regard to MIPs in general.

He also agreed to bring Deputy Best, who was the officer who wrote most of the MIPs that night.

Anyone who is interested can attend the meeting at Battle Mountain High School this Friday at 4 p.m. in the auditorium.

It’s your opportunity to ask questions and I think understand what happened that night a little better from both sides.

Kirk VanHee

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