Ski academy offers balance |

Ski academy offers balance

The Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy is a rigorous sporting and education program which provides the students with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to train in their desired discipline every morning and attend school in the evening. But why is the academy so much better than attending a school only devoted to education? Take Battle Mountain, for example. Many free-ride and alpine skiers attend Battle Mountain and can ski on their off days. So what is the competitive advantage for the academy? The truth is that everything about the academy gives the athletes attending it a competitive advantage over everyone at Battle Mountain and any public school at that. Waking up every day knowing that you can go skiing and coming home every night knowing that, on that day, you achieved even the slightest thing to push you over the edge is what gives the students at the academy the real advantage. Did I mention that every night the students at the academy work out, they get stronger and achieve the strength needed to pull the turns off in a tight G.S or land their corks off of a jump?

Attending Battle Mountain can be very beneficial to the education aspect of our lives but for the skiing aspect, not so much. In reality, the easiest way to become better at skiing is to put the time in and want to progressively improve your skiing. At Battle Mountain, this just isn’t possible. If you miss school to ski, you lose that time spent in school and fall behind, and if you miss skiing, the same is inevitable. In all honesty, there needs to be a balance in your skiing and education career. This balance is only possible at the Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy.

Kaison Lavicka

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