Slow down, please!

Slow down, please!

Speed limits: Why were they created? For safety, right? I would say this is the main reason they are enforced and hopefully are obeyed.

Not in Miller Ranch. During the past nine years of living here on one of the main thoroughfares of the neighborhood, the speeding has hit an all-time high.

I watch as cars consistently drive 10 to 30 miles over the 10 mph speed limit all day long.

“Slow” signs aren’t working a bit.

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Police can’t patrol this neighborhood 24 hours a day, and that’s understandable.

Speed bumps need to be approved by at least 85 percent of this community in order to even start that process. Not likely.

I am begging you to slow down when you drive. I am begging you to think about what you are doing when you speed through a small neighborhood with lots of people, big and small, and many dogs.

Please just slow down! Leave five minutes early. This is the Vail Valley, not New York City.

Julie Moore


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