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Some observations

It’s Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2013; the town of Vail has new government; and the following observations are offered.

• This morning, a woman viewed two young moose breakfasting on a nearby tree and said: “It seems so unusual to see moose here”; whereupon, the bystander replied, “That’s because the local population has grown accustomed to looking at real estate rather than nature.”

• The top vote-getter in the town election owns two suburban clothing stores (at Solaris and Sonnenalp) in which she advertises “Philosophy by Alberta.”

Plato has Socrates caution about the “sale of philosophy,” for one who engages oneself in this activity is termed a “sophist” (“a captious or fallacious reasoner”).

• Years ago in Vail Valley, sheep and cattle dined on grass, locals smoked it, and nearly everyone smiled and said hello to one another.

Today, real estate has replaced sheep and cattle; “grass” has become a contentious, political issue; most of the old locals are gone, either in disgust or by death; and the new population appears morose, all-knowing, and all-wise.

To paraphrase Eugene McCarthy (in 1976) when asked to report on “improvement” in American governing (since 1776): “How much more progress can (Vail) possibly stand?”

Art Allard


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