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Thanks for support

On behalf of all of us at the Vail Veterans Program: Thank you! This community has once again stepped up and supported our nations wounded veterans in their recovery from life-altering injuries. During our January and March events we hosted wounded service members and their families from around the country. Healing and rehabilitation for these men and women relies on small communities and their willingness to support them as they come home from the wars in Afghanistan or Iraq broken, changed, and often in the darkest times of their lives. Thankfully, many of you in the Vail Valley have and continually do help us in assisting these heroes. You are what makes America great. You have all helped change and save the lives of our injured veterans. For all you who volunteered, donated, or supported us in any way. We can’t say it enough — thank You.

Cpl. Daniel Riley (USMC retired)

Vail Veterans Program ambassador

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