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Thanks for support

Congratulations to The Vail Daily for taking a strong proactive stance by your many advertisements/sponsorship for The Starting Hearts second annual fundraiser. For those who don’t know what Stating Hearts is, it is the only organization in Eagle Valley pushing for more external defibrillators throughout the county and making them more visible in hotels, condos, restaurants, shopping areas, schools, sporting events, on the mountains, private and public clubs, etc. Some of the above have purchased external defibrillators from Starting Hearts with staff being trained in their usage, but have not made them visible. In a restaurant, as an example, it would be quicker and easier, in the event of a cardiac arrest, for someone to grab it in a visible place (like the airports do) rather than yell for it, have someone run in the kitchen to find it and get it and waste valuable seconds. Condominiums and hotels, depending on the size, should have one or two on every floor. Starting Hearts has begun making a small dent through contributions donated and defibrillator adoption programs. However, dents are not enough, and more are needed throughout the county.

Again, thank you, Vail Daily, for your proactive support.

Toby Mower

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