Vail Daily column: State’s marijuana industry embodies pioneer spirit |

Vail Daily column: State’s marijuana industry embodies pioneer spirit

Americans have always been great innovators, creators and producers. Utilizing equality and freedom, Americans, together, created themselves as they immigrated to a place they had never set foot. It is time to utilize the history of the hard-working people, the founding countrymen of the United States.

Today, we in the Vail Valley live in paradise; yet, things are dynamic. The boom and bust cycle sure does make one appreciate the good ol’ times. As a person who was in the real estate and mortgage industry just previous to the economic “bust,” I can say that the medical marijuana industry seemed to arrive at an opportune moment. Having obtained a Bachelor of Science, it was also a refreshing idea to be able to associate with nature.

The marijuana industry is in its pioneer stages, similar to that of the United States in its pioneer days. In Eagle-Vail, when my medical marijuana center opened up more than four years ago, it was most similar to the Wild West. Currently, we operate under guidelines that the NSA would be most proud — bar codes and all. Colorado legislators took the lead relating to “for profit” marijuana laws, supported and implemented by the people of Colorado. This gives Colorado the lead role in an industry with large growth potential.

We are in a revolutionary era. How this will get handled is up to us all. Our job as a community is to work together. We live in Vail to support those who come from all over to visit our wonderful backyard world-class mountains. We, as locals, have done an amazing job of being ambassadors of the mountains and entire area.

There has been extensive legislating and debating with more to come relating to marijuana. This is reminiscent of the early legislative debates during the creation of the United States of America. All of these discussed items are all about efforts and work. The early Americans had no choice but to survive. There were no credit cards, no government housing or meals, no fast food restaurants or gas stations and no car to fill with gas that didn’t exist.

It is positive creation that allows the United States superpower status. It is creative thinking aimed at positive results and solutions that needs attention. Politics should be about solving problems. The early Americans solved difficult problems that average Americans today could die over, simply due to different talents needed in each era.

Some talents from the past are needing to be brought back. People in the early United States knew about food and cooking. Currently, the people of the United States could benefit by controlling the priorities of their own lives by connecting with healthy food and lifestyles. Good vitamins are the vitamins that are absorbed by your body and work. Eat organic. Drink a variety of milks, including flax milk, rice milk, almond milk and hormone free no matter which milk. No high fructose corn syrup. No aspartame. No dyes that have names which are numbers. Exercise. GMO? Be creative and make things out of thin air.

Having had a medical marijuana business for more than four years in Eagle County, I am proud to have been able to create medicine out of soil, plants, water and air. Working with marijuana plants is a lot of work, as are many good things in life. This industry happens to mix physical labor with compliance, politics, economics, personalities, patients, patience, pain relief and health care, garden techniques and cooking techniques, counseling, doctors, politicians and governments. I am impressed with the professionalism of the governments in Colorado on this topic.

The general attitude of the government officials and the general population of the people I have worked with in Eagle-Vail, Eagle County and the state of Colorado has been very supportive, creative, productive and innovative. The state of Colorado is pioneering the legal marijuana and commercial hemp markets. Let’s get our pioneer gloves, shovels, attitudes and good ol’ American gumption and get ’er done! We are now the ambassadors of the retail marijuana industry pioneering away.

Nice work, Colorado. Nice work, Eagle County. Back to work.

Greg Honan is the owner of Herbal Elements in Eagle-Vail.

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