Vail Daily column: Take this as your warning |

Vail Daily column: Take this as your warning

Last Wednesday marked the first really good day at Vail, it also marked the last day myself and three other friends could ride. Knowing where you are on the mountain and where you might end up is essential in avoiding a situation where your pass may be jeopardized. Ducking ropes aren’t the only way to lose your pass on Vail Mountain anymore; ending up in a closed area regardless of how you got there can buy you a seat on the bench as well. It is your responsibility as a skier to know where you are and where you will end up every run. If you are uncertain or think there is a possibility that there could be some closures in the area, trust me, it’s not worth it. You must know as a rider what is open and closed every single day. I’ve been skiing Vail for years now and I have learned this the hard way not by ducking ropes but being careless in my decision making and my surroundings. Take this as your warning from myself and the Vail Ski Patrol, There are no more sorrys or next times — you will have a month to find a new hobby if you don’t play by the rules. For everyone that’s still out there, enjoy the snow. I hear it’s great and don’t take for granted your privilege to ride Vail every day.

John Bukac


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