Vail Daily column: Thanks for support |

Vail Daily column: Thanks for support

How do we start to thank you all

Our good and faithful friends

For hugs and tears, for being there

For love that never ends?

You always have been there for us.

You’ve been our strength, our glue.

You’ve held us up through all of this

And done all you could do.

To those of you who fixed us meals

Or sent a lovely card,

Who flowers brought, who dried our tears

And those who mowed our yard.

We cannot thank you near enough

For all your memories shared

For pictures shown, for stories told

For all the ways you cared.

We love that you were such good sports

And put a lot of thought

Into wearing of the orange

And the flowers you each brought.

We love you all, each one of you

Our gratitude knows no end.

For hugs and tears and helping hands

For you our faithful friends!

Special thanks to a special few:

Our beloved Kathy Olson — you are an angel here on earth and such a special part of our family. We can never thank you enough for your love, support and all the hard work you put forth on our behalf. We love you so much!

Shaw Cancer Center — your love of and care for our Jo over the past 10 years goes beyond just medical care. You were her “other family” and got to know her intimately and cared for her so lovingly.

Vail Valley Medical Center — it is so obvious how much you loved and cared about both of your cookie cart people! Your kindness will always be remembered and appreciated.

Slifer, Smith and Frampton Real Estate — your respect for and support of Jo truly went beyond an employer/employee relationship. She loved and was so proud of being a part of your company and considered so very many of you not only colleagues but very dear friends. Thank you also for your support of our family in our loss and grief and for your patience with us as we work through moving out of our home of so many years.

Father Rick Webster of Christ Church Anglican — your commitment and care for both Jo and Ernie and for the entire Brown family was so touching. Your dedication toward making Jo’s memorial service perfect in every way was exactly what we needed, and resulted in a beautiful service remembered by all.

Brooks Keith of the Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration — a true and faithful man of God. We cannot thank you enough for your love and support. You and your congregation gathered us in and loved us and worked your magic to make Jo’s service beautiful and dignified while still welcoming and full of love.

Eagle-Vail Metropolitan District — Jeff and Laura, thank you for your kindness and generosity.

The Alpenrose and Chef Oliver — Jo would have loved the beautiful and delicious pastries you lovingly made.

Everyone here is this valley is more than a friend … you are all family.

The family of Jo Brown

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