Vail Daily letter: 2A makes sense |

Vail Daily letter: 2A makes sense

Like you, I value the Avon Recreation Center. It is time to invest in this important place by voting “yes” on Ballot Issue 2A, which will expand it and upgrade the weight room and provide extra space for yoga and cardio. Most importantly, Avon citizens will get the gym we need for community events, basketball, volleyball and other indoor activities. What about a climbing wall and indoor running track? I am told this is all possible, if we approve the extension of current property taxes. No new taxes are being required.

What is also cool is the upgrade of Nottingham Park restrooms and the used-up soccer field. The new playground will replace our current playground, which is exhausted and in need of inspiration. I personally will use the new recreational ice rink and trust there will be skating lessons and in the summer a slack line and fun activities throughout the season.

No new taxes — “yes” on Ballot Issue 2A. Let’s push Avon forward.

Charles Wolf


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