Vail Daily letter: 66 makes no sense |

Vail Daily letter: 66 makes no sense

Yes on 66? Are you serious? The very same liberals in this state that are claiming we all need an income tax hike to pay for education are the same ones that recently voted to give illegals in this state in-state tuition!

You would think that the educators pushing for this tax increase could understand and analyze simple statistics. There has been zero correlation proven that an increase in education spending results in higher test scores.

If 66 passes it is really simple — every man, woman and teenager that collects a paycheck for their hard work will have it decrease. Gas is still $4 a gallon, property values are in the tank, and there is an ugly reality looming on the horizon —Obamacare is going to hammer people’s take-home pay even more starting in 2014 due to higher insurance premiums.

Leave it to the Democrats to lure people into a permanent income tax hike under the guise of education. Using kids as a marketing tool for a tax increase to further their liberal agenda is shameful. Maybe if they abolish property taxes (which already pay for education), disband the teachers union, and get rid of taxpayer-subsidized retirement plans for teachers, then 66 would make sense. That is not the case.

You can already pay more in taxes if you wish — the state will happily keep any refund you had coming to you. How many educators and proponents of 66 are already forfeiting these refunds? As is the case on the federal level, we need spending reform, not tax increases. Amendment 66 makes no sense.

J. Kauffman


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