Vail Daily letter: A bad bill |

Vail Daily letter: A bad bill

When I read the quotes from Commissioner Kathy Chandler-Harris in the article “New Colorado health insurance regions could bring costs down,” I was very surprised. Did she, an ardent Obama and Democratic supporter, forget that the legislators from the Democartic Party voted to pass this bill without reading it? Maybe if she and the legislators had carefully scrutinized it instead of acting like a bunch of adolescent cheerleaders for the president, they would have discovered the debacle this bill represents. For her information, the providers and hospitals are not solely to blame for these rate hikes. Gee, let’s research how much the insurance companies donated to their campaigns. Of course the current president uses the blame game on all the scandals and problems besetting his administration.

Personally, my health insurance rates have increased by 50 percent, and my previous health insurance company went out of business. There is no question that the issue of health care needed to be addressed, however, this is a bad bill. What is happening with the Veterans Administration is going to be at our doorstep in the near future. My advice? Be informed when you vote in November. It’s not a popularity contest, rather it is your future.

Joyce Chizmadia

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