Vail Daily letter: ‘A better experience’? |

Vail Daily letter: ‘A better experience’?

We were dismayed to pick up the Daily on Saturday and note Vail Resorts’ intent to begin paid parking in the Beaver Creek lots this winter. Their rationale is that this plan “creates a better experience.” We would ask: for whom? Few of the Vail Resorts corporate team reside in the valley (and would enjoy the perk of free parking anyway) so they will be unaffected by this blatant attempt to take advantage of the locals yet again. How thoughtful that they plan to keep the $35 charge in effect at Ford Hall and at Poste Montane … lots only frequented by visitors because locals cannot afford this exorbitant fee. Additionally, the employees will now get to park in the Wolf Lot, adding substantial time to their day without compensation. As a former employee of this company, I routinely received 1-3 percent yearly raise at most and yet the cost of the Epic Pass rises approximately 8 percent yearly. Once again, the corporate giant in Broomfield has chosen to favor their bottom line over the hard working families of this valley. Shame on you for your greedy decision!

Jack and Greer Gardner


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