Vail Daily letter: A caring community |

Vail Daily letter: A caring community

I wonder if this community of Eagle is aware of the compassion and their sincere love of people and animals.

On Friday the 13th of June, I pulled into the rest area at 10 p.m. I text my kids and told them I was stopping for the night. I slept for three and a half hours. Woke up and went to the bathroom. On my return, I discovered my cat was not in the car. I couldn’t figure out how she got out. I was nearly hysterical. Several people at the rest area joined in the search. Someone called the animal rescue, and that started the ball rolling.

By morning, there were all kinds of people involved. Someone even called a cat psychic. People were doing anything and everything to find my cat. This was not for just one day. This was from Friday night to Wednesday night, when we finally caught her. J.P. Kacy was crawling under the porch. Donna Spinelli and Lori came with cages. The Animal Rescue and Char from the Humane Society were all searching.

On Tuesday, a perfect stranger came up to me and offered a bed and a shower for however long I needed them. A perfect stranger. Of course, Kacy and Donna were at me to come to their house and get a good night’s sleep and a much-needed shower. I felt I had to stay near Patches. I hope you all appreciate each other and what a very caring community you have.

Jeannine Huckleberry

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