Vail Daily letter: A different kind of immigration |

Vail Daily letter: A different kind of immigration

Our country has always encouraged immigration since our founding by the first immigrants from Europe, and historically America has benefited from the great contributions immigrants have made to our success as a nation. Diverse cultures are good for America as long as they are able to successfully integrate into the American culture. This means members of other cultures need to understand our history and why we are unique among all other nations of the world; it means they must focus on what they can do for their newly adopted country instead of what this country can do for them; it means they must understand the concept of separation of church and state; it means they must recognize we are a nation based on our Constitution and its law, and everyone is required to honor and obey that law.

We should continue to encourage immigration, but I think we should be aware that immigration from Islamic-dominated countries is a different kind of immigration and concerned about its impact on our nation. It’s a different kind of immigration because the immigrant’s culture is virtually inseparable from their religion; and it’s the religion that creates the problem.

In my research for writing “The Cabana Chronicles,” a series of books on comparative religion, I learned much about the Islamic religion. Of course, all Muslims aren’t terrorists, but the Koran clearly supports the objective of an Islam-dominated world, and supports a system of law very unlike ours. Celebrating cultural diversity is one thing; adhering to a culture dominated by a religion that requires its members to follow an archaic and inhumane system of law, and motivates them to impose that law on society, is quite another. Such a divided loyalty can cause problems for America. We’ve already seen the evidence of this problem in cities like Dearborn, Michigan, as Muslims have attempted to replace constitutional law with Islamic law. They want to establish a theocracy in America.

I hope and pray that Muslim immigrants can successfully adapt to living in our culture, reveling in the reality they can practice their religion without interference, but not try and impose their religion and its laws, beliefs and customs on us. I hope they can grasp what we Christians know about how God has intended the relationship between church and state to be. We know that God is the ultimate authority, but He has ordained government for the primary purpose of protecting us. Because government authority is delegated authority, to disobey earthly authorities when they lawfully exercise their authority is to disobey the Lord Himself. The Apostle Paul explains this concept in Romans 13:1-7.

Muslims who arrive on our shores must understand they can bring their religion and their culture with them, but they need to leave their Islamic law back in their old country. Only then can we enjoy the blessings this wonderful country has to offer all of us.

John Bartholomew

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