Vail Daily letter: A few responses |

Vail Daily letter: A few responses

I was preparing to respond to two letters, one to Jack Van Ens, the second to Fredric Butler. However, since Fredric did such an outstanding job of putting Van Ens in his place, I have only a couple of things to add. Why did Van Ens shorten his first name by three letters and why does he still have a weekly column? Every one is full of mean-spirited, hateful crap; never anything spiritual or uplifting. Anyone with real intuition or empathic ability need only look at his photo and feel the evil in him.

And Fred, if it wasn’t for hunters, there would be no fish and game/Division of Wildlife and many more species would now be extinct. Elk used to be in all but the southern coastal states but were reduced to Canada and the Northwest; none left even in Colorado. These were transplanted here and around the country. Many non-game species were also brought back from the brink from the sale of hunting licenses. And in today’s letters, Robert Castellino: Back off on the weed, dude.

Stephen Dziekan


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