Vail Daily letter: A great place to work |

Vail Daily letter: A great place to work

I would like to start by thanking everyone that I get to work with at the Gallegos Corporation. I left the Gallegos Corporation early in my career only to find out that most organizations don’t have the same family atmosphere that ours does. I couldn’t rejoin Gallegos fast enough and in 2002 I was able to. The people that I work with every day have become some of my best friends. I appreciate how much all of the employees that work here will step up to help one another out.

The first thing that ran through my mind when Gary Woodworth, our CEO, announced that I was the G3 award winner (our version of employee of the year) was that there are several other employees that I would nominate before myself. Gallegos is full of employees that work long days and weekends without any complaint. The other thought I had was that there are a lot of people I work with on a daily basis that make my job so much easier by being consummate professionals and handling their work effectively. I am honored and humbled to be awarded with this distinction. It is definitely a team effort and I see this award as a team appreciation. Thank you to all of the superintendents, foremen, masons, plasterers and laborers that work extremely hard for this corporation — you all make the Gallegos Corporation one of the best places to work that I have encountered.

J.C. Slocum

Senior project manager, Gallegos Corporation

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