Vail Daily letter: A great proposal |

Vail Daily letter: A great proposal

What great news to hear of the Vail Town Council’s unanimous support of the wilderness protection plan that Rep. Jared Polis has introduced!

Their support is expressed in Resolution 22, which was introduced by Town Council member Margaret Rogers.

Coincidentally, the success of the board’s resolution came just on the eve of the commemoration of the passage of America’s Wilderness Act 50 years ago, in September of 1964.

Regarding the current bill introduced by Rep. Polis: Its benefits to Colorado are too numerous to describe here. A few of the major benefits, however, include preserving the natural beauty of wildlands and the natural, practical purposes these lands serve for a healthy ecosystem; the quality of life for all of us; and a huge sustenance of our economy.

Our great blessings of unspoiled landscapes are too precious to lose and vital to preserve. In this effort, the value of the Rocky Mountain Recreation and Wilderness Preservation Act is immeasurable.

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Having grown up in the Eagle River Valley, witnessing the increasing vulnerability of our natural environment and our quality of life, it’s reassuring when I see the sustaining steps made by residents who care about our home. Eagle County citizen Susie Kincade (and other diligent supporters) has worked tirelessly for decades in the effort to make such steps of progress, to better our community and its environment. With gratitude toward the Town Board, Susie recently noted “their foresight and support,” among many other things, and she applauded “the provision in the resolution that mentions the importance of a healthy watershed.”

From many, many citizens to the Vail Town Council to Rep. Polis, and to the countless individuals who have worked for this vital cause: Thank you very much!

Keith Minick


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