Vail Daily letter: A plea to independents |

Vail Daily letter: A plea to independents

I have been an independent since the mid-’70s. I have voted for Democrats and Republicans both since that time. I am embarrassed to admit that I voted both times for George W. Bush. I blame him and his administration primarily for the mess we are presently involved in Iraq and Syria and the Middle East generally. He and his VP lied to us to justify the invasion in Iraq.

The Republicans met after Barack Obama was elected and basically decided to fight against any action that he took irrespective of whether or not it was in the best interests of the United States. Since then they have shut down our government. They have continuously and systematically attacked the civil rights of women and minorities and elder citizens. They have refused to even allow debate in the House of Representatives on legislation concerning jobs or minimum wages. Yes the Democrats should have allowed the oil pipeline and certainly have not been perfect in all ways.

Yes, this is a very simplistic view of how I view the situation, but my feelings about this are strong. I don’t need to write or read what the far right or even Leon Panetta thinks or writes about it any more. My mind is made up. I have lived it. In the past, I have viewed the local and national political situations differently, basically because of the scope of the situations they deal with and the fact that the federal government can print money. I have in the past been especially critical of the waste of money by Eagle County and Vail and Avon and their disregard of the even expressed opinions of their voters.

Notwithstanding their waste and disregard of the voters, I will vote a straight Democratic ticket for almost the first time in 40 years and I encourage all independents to do the same thing. I am so disgusted with anyone who could even allow themselves to be called a Republican that I will not vote for one.

Bob Essin


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