Vail Daily letter: A true legend |

Vail Daily letter: A true legend

Don, I read with great interest your Vail Daily ”The Core of a Ski Town” (Oct. 9) and with no intention of self-gratification or recognition for my introduction of Bob Singley to the Hall of Fame selection committee, I just wanted to stress what an incredibly accomplished athlete and person he is! Not only in skiing which he is most famous for, but for bike racing, hang gliding in the early days, water skiing, on and on. Unfortunately, as time did not allow him to continue with is presentation, he could have done so well into the wee hours. Not to sound trite, but his exploits are legendary among Colorado ski greats and ski patrolman in our presence! It was suggested he be brought back next year for an opportunity to continue with his acceptance speech, there being no end to his outrageous antics!

As a “jingly” (one of his favorite descriptors) high school student from Denver at the time, my summers were spent on the Winter Park Trail Crew with wild weekends spent in Grand Lake among other locations in witness of Singley’s feats of daring. I was privileged at the time to be included in his “entourage” enjoying an enlightened yet sometimes crude upbringing by a true legendary figure! He really is very well known throughout the state for his sheer entertainment value. These characters do not come along very often! One could write a very thick “pamphlet” on his life, not to mention a very amusing biography!

His life should truly be exposed!

Another of his famous quotes: “As long as you are in the air, you cannot get hurt!”

Bradley Tjossem

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