Vail Daily letter: A true teacher |

Vail Daily letter: A true teacher

George McCollum once bought from me my old K&E slide-rule from my days at CU engineering. I think he wanted something older than he, or to put it differently, he really pined for the nostalgia of estimation over the exactitude of the digital age.

Like other relics, George is a product of a different age where a teacher was passionate and sentimental about his calling, hence his trademark — the bow tie. To know science, to know math is one thing, but to effectively impart that knowledge to younger generations is perhaps the epitome and definitive meaning of what a great “teacher” simply is.

As a teacher, George has only had one failure of which I know — he could not teach me the statistics to win a game of cribbage with him — “perfection” does have its own definition. Those who successfully matriculated from George’s classrooms are a boon to us all. The loss will be his commanding presence, his booming voice, the impart of his intellect, and that iconic bow tie. He has gone the way of the slide-rule.

Fredric Butler

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