Vail Daily letter: A worthy organization |

Vail Daily letter: A worthy organization

Recently, Bob Bandoni and Michele Hovey invited 10 incredibly thoughtful people (and me) to Michele’s house for a Jeffersonian dinner.

The topic of discussion was ethical leadership and we were pretty good at following the only rule, which is that you address your comments to everyone … no sidebar conversations.

From politics to business to everyday life, from a global perspective to one more community centric, from realistic observation to idealistic vision … three and a half hours of insightful conversation passed like it was 20 minutes. It was more than a treat.

At the end of the evening after all the philosophizing and dreaming, when asked the rubber-meets-the-road question, “So whatcha gonna do?” my takeaway was that we have a local organization dedicated to doing precisely what we discussed … creating thoughtful, ethical, altruistic leaders. True global citizenship, as it were.

That organization is Students Shoulder To Shoulder. We are beyond fortunate to have such a noble effort in our midst and if you aren’t familiar with it, then you should look it up and support it.

Sometimes, trying to improve the world can seem so futile. But like many other worthy efforts, Students Shoulder To Shoulder is indeed moving the needle … at least a little bit. And in this case, regardless of the scale, they are doing exactly the right thing for our collective future.

Rob LeVine

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