Vail Daily letter: Again? |

Vail Daily letter: Again?

The 5A election is over and now the same governing board that floated the $11 million bond issue at an expenditure of nearly $200,000 plus another $200,000 of Eagle-Vail Property Owners Association member dues (loaned to the Metro District and to be returned back to the Property Owners Association after a 5A win) is back with a vengeance.

Caught with their hands in the Property Owners Association cookie jar, the board is now anxiously working to establish a community task force to “help us move forward.” These are the same board members who, confident of a 5A victory, suggested to numerous homeowners concerned about a balance sheet debt of over $33 million including principal and interest that they should possibly consider relocating somewhere other than Eagle-Vail.

So, now the board advises we move forward. Perplexing isn’t it? Their premise being that the voters who said “no” were just a bunch of dolts incapable of making wise decisions. They now argue that “possibly we didn’t educate the owners enough, maybe we just didn’t sell it well, or maybe the voters just did not like the package and we should now rework it and bring it back.”

Maybe, just maybe, what is really needed is for our board members to take their own advice and consider relocating to somewhere other than Eagle-Vail.

Aggie Chastain


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