Vail Daily letter: Against trail project |

Vail Daily letter: Against trail project

We would like to express our opinion regarding the proposed Vail Trail Renovation and Expansion. The Vail Trail is a beautiful little escape from the hustle and bustle “down below.” It meanders through aspen groves and across foot bridges and travels up the mountainside via switchbacks. Friends like to call it a “little gem” because it is unlike other trails. It is easy to access from the town, quiet and peaceful, with a soft natural surface that is perfect for walking and especially for trail running.

The proposed renovation would completely change the character of this unique town asset, widening it, flattening the surface, and basically turning it into just another trail — very similar to other existing trails. The effects on the natural beauty of the mountainside are bound to be dramatic, even devastating. Another “hard” reason we oppose the project is the planned $250,000 cost for “construction of a portion of the trail,” in a time when there are many more pressing projects vying for funding.

After reading the Feb. 16 Department of Public Works memo on this project, we have to conclude that this project being fast-tracked, without sufficient consideration of stakeholder interests. Bottom line, we don’t need this expansion, and we don’t want it!

Robin Wagner and Jorge Carbo

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